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"How to Work from Home
as a Transcriptionist and Start Earning Money in Just 7 Days!"

You can start working as a general and business transcriptionist almost immediately without wasting time and money on medical transcription training and without having to work two or more years in a hospital.

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Are you interested in working from home?

General transcription (non-medical transcription) provides a wonderful work-at-home opportunity for moms, dads, typists, students, medical transcriptionists, secretaries and many others who want to work from home. It is one of the best ways to work from home, have flexible hours and spend more time with your children. You choose how much you want to work and when you want to work. You can build a full-time transcription career or work part time.

Imagine how it will feel to work from the comfort of your home ... without paying a babysitter or sending your kids to daycare  ... without having to deal with rush hour traffic. Imagine "commuting" from the breakfast table to your office in just seconds ... and being your own boss.

Unlike medical transcription, general transcription does not require a steep learning curve. You don't need medical or legal terminology or experience, you don't need a certificate, degree or diploma, and you don't need to take expensive classes. That's why you can get started in general transcription really fast!

Most people have heard about medical transcription but aren't familiar with general transcription. Transcription is typing what is said on an audio or video file. General or business transcription is any transcription that is not medical or legal. General and business transcriptionists get work from a large variety of businesses, individuals and organizations. They transcribe a wide range of topics, including voicemails, interviews, dictations, meetings, focus groups, presentations, conferences, teleseminars, movie scripts and podcasts.

You probably already have the skills you need such as typing, English, grammar and spelling. And if you have to brush up on some of these skills, you can easily improve them by taking classes online or at your local community college. You'll be glad you did when you start bringing in a paycheck without ever leaving home!

While many home-based business opportunities require significant money to start, you can get started doing general transcription work with a very minimal investment. You need a computer (you probably already have one) and Internet access. You can start with free transcription software. A foot pedal will make transcription faster and easier but you can get started without one.

10 Reasons to Choose
General and Business Transcription Work Instead of Medical Transcription

1. Work from home
2. Great income potential
3. Plenty of work available
4. You don't need special training or certificate
5. You don't need to know medical terminology
6. You can start working almost immediately
7. Flexible hours and workload
8. Easy and inexpensive to start
9. Get clients nationwide (and even worldwide)
10. Slower turnaround time than medical transcription

Start getting transcription work the quick and easy way

Now you can learn from the experience of successful transcriptionists. Find out how to get transcription work from home ... what it takes to become a successful transcriptionist .... and how to get transcription clients.

Why spend months -- even years -- on costly trial-and-error when I can show you how to get transcription work today? Don't reinvent the wheel.

I’ve been providing general and business transcription services for 15 years. I have transcribed interviews, teleseminars, workshops, classes, presentations, phone calls and more.

When I first started I made a lot of mistakes and wasted a lot of time and money by using a hit-or-miss approach to promoting my transcription services. Luckily, a colleague invited me to an industry association meeting. Through this organization, I was able to network with successful transcriptionists. I learned a lot and collected a lot of insider information. I tested everything myself and discovered what worked and what didn't.

Over the years, many people asked me questions about how to get transcription work. They didn't know how to get started. Most books are about medical transcription and I only found scattered bits and pieces of information about general and business transcription. After repeating the same information many times, I started saving the questions and answers. I compiled all the information into the The General Transcription Biz-In-A-Box.

The General and Business Transcription
Biz-In-A-Box Start-Up Kit

The general and business transcription start-up kit makes it easy for you to get started. I'll take you step-by-step and show you how to get started. You'll get all the insider information you'll need to get transcription work from home and become a successful transcriptionist. By learning from my experience, you will become successful a lot faster than I did.

The four parts include:

  • Part I: Book: The Insider Guide to General Transcription Work

  • Part II: Samples

  • Part III: Promotional Materials, Agreements, Templates and Forms

  • Part IV: Transcription Resources

Part I - eBook: The Insider Guide
To General and Business Transcription Work
(152 pages)

This transcription start-up guide will walk you through the steps to getting started as a work-at-home transcriptionist: getting transcription work, getting clients, pricing transcription services to maximize profits, and expanding your business beyond your wildest dreams.

Getting started step-by-step:

  • A start-up checklist, a business plan, legalities and more.

How digital transcription works: equipment and software

  • How to transcribe digital audio, videos and DVDs.
  • Where to get FREE professional transcription software legally.
  • How the right foot pedal and software will greatly expand your work opportunities.

Getting general and business transcription work

  • 35 types of transcription work that do not require medical terminology.
  • #1 key to getting hired by a transcription company.
  • Companies that will hire you for general and business transcription work from home – even when you don't have any transcription experience.
  • How to get your first transcription job.
  • Trade secrets on how to get profitable transcription clients. Who your most profitable clients will be and how to acquire their business.
  • How to get general and business transcription work online and offline.
  • Simple, proven methods to generate repeat business.
  • 13 tips to build credibility and stand out from your competition.
  • How to increase your transcription speed and income.
  • 23 ways to promote your general and business transcription services.

Pricing your general and business transcription services

  • How to price jobs to make your business profitable! Pricing is one of the most important decisions you'll make! Don't lose thousands of dollars per year by underestimating jobs!
  • Vital insider information on pricing methods for different industries and other variables you can’t afford not to know about.
  • How to estimate transcription jobs and provide price quotes fast and accurately. How to apply transcription standards for billing.
  • Many samples of rate schedules to choose from.

Insider information on transcription industry standards

  • Transcription formats, styles, standards and conventions..
  • How to use verbatim, semi-verbatim and edited transcription.
  • What to transcribe and omit.

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Part II – Samples

Part II provides you with samples of transcriptions, rate sheets, a business plan, a resume and business cards.

Samples of verbatim, edited and intelligent verbatim transcripts, including meeting minutes, an interview, a teleseminar, a class lecture and a presentation.

4 transcription rate sheets

A transcription business plan
A transcription resume
Transcription business cards


Part III – Promotional Materials, Agreements &Templates

Imagine how much time you'll save having an entire collection of sales letters, postcards, agreements and templates at your fingertips. These documents are in Microsoft Word, RTF and .txt to allow you to customize them.

2 Ready-to-Use Prewritten Promotional Letters

9 Ready-to-Use Promotional Postcards

Ready-to-Use Client Agreement

Ready-to-Use Independent Contractor Agreement

Ready-to-Use Templates make it easy for you to set up your letterhead, invoice and fax cover sheet


Part IV – 20 Pages of Transcription Resources

Companies that routinely hire transcriptionists working from home
Job sites that post current transcription job listings
Top 7 freelance sites to find all the transcription work you can handle
Top 4 free classified sites to post your services and check on jobs
Transcription forums, work-at-home forums/sites and Internet marketing forums
Where to find the best transcription equipment and software
Where to find tons of practice tests
Shortcut tools to speed up your typing instantly

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What Happy Customers Are Saying

"As someone who is trying to start their own virtual transcription business, I turned to the Internet looking for help but was quickly overwhelmed at the amount of information scattered all over the Internet. Then I found out about Leva's Business-in-a-Box. Since I'd already had Leva create my website, I had some idea of her knowledge and expertise, so I didn't hesitate to buy this resource and I am very glad I did. There is a wealth of information here that is very helpful to someone starting out. I especially like the templates and samples for letters, business cards, postcards, etc. I feel much more confident now. Thanks, Leva!"

Denise Hall, Hall Transcription Services,
Port Coquitlam, BC

"Things began to really come together in my transcription business when I met Leva. Leva advised me on pricing, referred work to me, and answered my many questions. I can say with absolute assurance that if I had not met Leva, I could not have made my business work.

I think her product is brilliant. You get to pick the brain of someone who has been successfully operating this type of business for years. I wish this information had been around when I first got started! One challenge I had before was knowing how to price my services. Leva helped me immensely in that area.

Don't reinvent the wheel. Instead, pick the brains of experienced people like Leva."

Nancy Gillespie, Vista, CA

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By now, you're probably wondering how much these incredible resources are going to cost. 

As you can well imagine, this general and business transcription start-up kit, complete with valuable hard-to-find information, strategies, forms, samples, templates and resources is worth hundreds of dollars. But your investment for this entire package is just $57!

Think of the time, money and frustration you're going to save! And the money you can make working from home with transcription work.

Can You Afford NOT To Invest In This Transcription Start-Up Kit?

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Your success in using these powerful and proven strategies is completely guaranteed by my risk-free, money-back guarantee:

You've got 2 full months to prove to yourself that these strategies and materials really do work.
If you aren't 100% satisfied, just let me know and I'll give you an immediate, no-questions-asked refund! Plus . . . you can keep the FREE bonus gifts just for trying my program!

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Leva Duell

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