Meeting Transcription – How to Transcribe Meetings

how to transcribe meetings

Meeting transcription turns the recorded audio or video of a meeting into a text document and makes the information easily searchable and accessible. Transcripts of meetings are used for documentation, future reference, review, follow up and archiving. Meeting transcription can include transcription of business meetings, legal meetings, board meetings, corporate meeting, annual meetings, homeowner associations … Read more

12 Transcription Careers

career options for transcriptionists

Are you interested in a transcription career? Here are several career paths for transcriptionists. If you have excellent typing, grammar and listening skills, you may want to look into transcription work from home. Transcription is listening to an audio or video recording and typing what’s being said on the recording. Many people have heard about … Read more

How to Choose a Headset for Transcription Work

how to choose a headset for transcription work

Transcriptionists spend a lot of time in front of the computer. Using a good headset makes transcription work easier by blocking out the noises in your environment and giving you superior sound. Some speakers may talk softly on recordings you need to transcribe; audios may have background noise that makes it difficult to hear; and … Read more

Equipment You’ll Need to Do Transcription Work

what equipment you need to do transcription work

What kind of transcription equipment do you need to work as a transcriptionist and provide transcription services? Getting the right equipment and software is a must if you want to become a professional transcriptionist. You’ll be glad to hear that transcription equipment is NOT expensive. To do transcription work, you’ll need a computer, Internet access, … Read more

How to Become a Police & Law Enforcement Transcriptionist

There is a big demand for law enforcement transcriptionists. Law enforcement agencies, police departments, public defenders, prosecutors, attorneys, and security companies need transcription of audio and video that is related to criminal investigations and evidence. The transcription of audio and video provides documentation and clarity. Law enforcement has a large number of caseloads and doesn’t … Read more

Scoping – How to Make $30,000 to $50,000 a Year Editing Legal Transcripts

Scoping is editing court reporters’ transcripts. The court reporting industry calls it editing. Editing legal transcripts or scoping is one of the fastest growing online jobs in the USA. And according to Linda Evenson, it is one of the hottest at-home jobs in the country. People are looking for great online jobs that complement their … Read more

Insurance Transcription Jobs with Allegis

Get insurance transcription jobs from home with Allegis Transcription. Transcription jobs include entry-level transcriptionists, experienced transcriptionists and QA Specialists.

22 Work from Home Legal Transcription Jobs

legal transcription jobs

Legal Transcription offers great work from home opportunities. Legal transcription is transcription of legal content or other content needed for legal reasons. The finished transcript becomes part of the legal record. Legal transcription can be a great fit for you if you have any experience in a legal or paralegal field and want to work … Read more

What Is Legal Transcription and What Do Legal Transcriptionists Do?

Legal transcription is transcription of legal content or other content needed for legal reasons. The finished transcript becomes part of the legal record. What do legal transcriptionists do? Legal transcriptionists listen to audio and video recordings related to legal issues and transcribe (type) what is said on the recording. They use a regular computer, a … Read more