12 Transcription Careers

career options for transcriptionists

Are you interested in a transcription career? Here are several career paths for transcriptionists. If you have excellent typing, grammar and listening skills, you may want to look into transcription work from home. Transcription is listening to an audio or video recording and typing what’s being said on the recording. Many people have heard about … Read more

8 Reasons for Choosing General Transcription Work Instead of Medical Transcription

Top 6 Reasons to Get a Medical Billing and Coding Career

While medical and legal transcription is better known than general transcription, there are many transcription jobs other than legal and medical transcription. In fact, general transcription jobs and legal transcription jobs provide more work and better pay than medical transcription jobs today. So, what’s the difference between medical transcription, legal transcription, and general transcription transcription? Getting … Read more

How to Choose a Headset for Transcription Work

how to choose a headset for transcription work

Transcriptionists spend a lot of time in front of the computer. Using a good headset makes transcription work easier by blocking out the noises in your environment and giving you superior sound. Some speakers may talk softly on recordings you need to transcribe; audios may have background noise that makes it difficult to hear; and … Read more

Is Speech Recognition Software Affecting Transcription Jobs?

Is Speech Recognition Software Affecting Transcription Jobs

If you’re interested in transcription work, you may be concerned that speech recognition or voice recognition software may affect transcriptionist jobs. Speech recognition allows you to dictate into a computer and instantly create an electronic document. But even with improved speech recognition technologies available today, transcriptionists have not become obsolete. And yes, electronic medical records … Read more

Instantly Increase Your Typing Speed with Text Expanders

increase typing speed with text expanders

Find out how you can instantly increase your typing speed with word expanders and text expanders, how they work, and why typists and transcriptionists should use them. Benefits of text expanders Using a text expander will increase your typing speed, improve accuracy, and save keystrokes. The benefits are significant. Using a typing expander or text … Read more

General Transcription Training vs Medical Transcription Training

General Transcription Training vs Medical Transcription Training

To get medical transcription jobs, you typically have to take a medical transcription training course. Although many local community colleges offer MT classes, I don’t recommend taking an MT class at a community college as most of the large MT companies will not consider you to be skilled enough to work for them. Instead, choose … Read more

Equipment You’ll Need to Do Transcription Work

what equipment you need to do transcription work

What kind of transcription equipment do you need to work as a transcriptionist and provide transcription services? Getting the right equipment and software is a must if you want to become a professional transcriptionist. You’ll be glad to hear that transcription equipment is NOT expensive. To do transcription work, you’ll need a computer, Internet access, … Read more