7 Facts You Need to Know Before Getting Into Medical Transcription

7 facts you need to know about medical transcription jobs

If you’re thinking about getting into medical transcription, It’s important to know these facts. Medical transcription is transcription that is related to healthcare. Transcribing is typing what is said on a recording and turning it into a document. The person who transcribes the dictation is called a medical transcriptionist or MT.  Medical transcriptionists work with medical … Read more

General, Legal and Medical Transcription Jobs with Alphabet Transcription Specialists

Transcription jobs with alphabet transcription

Alphabet Transcription Specialists is currently recruiting experienced transcribers. They are always looking for experienced transcriptionists to work from home. This UK company has been established since 1995 and provides general, corporate, legal and medical transcription. They provide transcription worldwide but some of their work will be for UK clients so you need to know UK … Read more

Do You Need to Be a Fast Typist to Become a Medical Transcriptionist?

do you need to be a fast typist to become a medical transcriptionist?

Most transcription jobs are paid by production. That’s why your typing speed is important to make good money with transcription work. When you increase your typing speed, you will increase your transcription income. When typing faster, you’ll be able to do more work. Some transcription companies will also pay you more when your typing speed … Read more

Why Choose CareerStep Training vs Other Medical Transcription Training

Why Choose CareerStep Training vs Other Medical Transcription Training

Benefits of Career Step Training Free instructor support. Free graduate support and job search advice. Click here to sign up for your online training The discounts are available to students who pay their tuition in a single payment at the time of enrollment, but there are also savings available for students who prefer a payment … Read more