How to Pass Transcription Tests

how to pass transcription employment tests

How to pass a transcription employment test when applying for transcription jobs with transcription companies. Learn how to pass the test and get more transcription work from home.

16 Work From Home Transcription Jobs That Pay Every Week

Legitimate Transcription jobs that pay every week

Below you’ll learn about 16 legitimate work from home transcription jobs that pay weekly. These are freelance transcription jobs that offer a very flexible schedule and allow you to work as much or as little as you like. You need a computer, fast internet connection and good English skills. If you’ve never done transcription work, … Read more

Why Businesses Need Transcription Services and Why Transcriptionists Are in High Demand

Skills You Need To Become a Transcriptionist and Get General Transcription Work

Find out why businesses, organizations, and individuals need transcription, and why transcriptionists are in high demand Transcripts offer several important benefits and uses. But first, let me explain quickly what transcription is. People use digital recorders to record dictation, conversations, interviews, focus groups, meetings, and more. Transcriptionists are using transcription software to listen to audio … Read more

Meeting Transcription – How to Transcribe Meetings

how to transcribe meetings

Meeting transcription turns the recorded audio or video of a meeting into a text document and makes the information easily searchable and accessible. Transcripts of meetings are used for documentation, future reference, review, follow up and archiving. Meeting transcription can include transcription of business meetings, legal meetings, board meetings, corporate meeting, annual meetings, homeowner associations … Read more

12 Transcription Careers

career options for transcriptionists

Are you interested in a transcription career? Here are several career paths for transcriptionists. If you have excellent typing, grammar and listening skills, you may want to look into transcription work from home. Transcription is listening to an audio or video recording and typing what’s being said on the recording. Many people have heard about … Read more

Interview Transcription Work – How to Transcribe Interviews

how to transcribe interviews

Find out how to transcribe interviews. Interview transcription is typing the content of recorded interviews and converting them into text. Many businesses, organizations, students, and individuals want a transcript of their interviews. They conduct interviews for a variety of reasons. Interview transcripts offer several benefits: Most businesses outsource interview transcription work because it takes too long to … Read more

How to Get Media / Entertainment Transcription Jobs

get paid to transcribe tv shows and films

How to get media transcription jobs. Media and entertainment transcription jobs include transcribing news programs, movies, videos, radio and television broadcasts, television shows, films, documentaries, and podcasts.

How Authors Use General Transcriptionists

how authors use transcriptionists

The demand for transcription is huge. Not only are there unlimited opportunities for transcriptionists but there is plenty of well-paid transcription work. Doing transcription for companies like CallGraph/Scribie, Quicktate, Transcribe Me, and Rev doesn’t pay well but working for them provides an easy way to get started in transcription and build up some experience. Then, … Read more