How to Get Media / Entertainment Transcription Jobs

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Media and entertainment transcription is a growing area of the transcription industry. Media transcriptionists provide transcription for the entertainment and media industries.

Media and entertainment transcription work includes transcribing a wide range of audio and video recordings. These include

  • news programs
  • radio and television broadcasts television shows
  • films
  • special reports
  • documentaries
  • infomercials
  • reality shows
  • talk shows
  • interviews
  • conferences
  • discussions
  • speeches, movies
  • video taped events
  • raw footage and podcasts.

Clients include

  • production companies
  • film producers
  • documentary production companies
  • television stations
  • radio stations
  • broadcasting companies
  • instructional technologists
  • video and dubbing departments
  • scriptwriters
  • and publishers.

Production companies use the transcripts of movies, television series, documentaries and television series for editing, pre-production or post-production purposes, and for adding captions or subtitles.

Media recordings are often clear recordings which makes transcribing them easy. Media transcription demands high quality and short processing time.

Qualifications needed to get  media transcription jobs

As long as you possess the required qualifications and you passed the online testing by the company, you’re ready to start transcribing.

  • As with any transcription work, you need good listening and comprehension skills to convert speech to text.
  • Essential skills include possessing strong English skills, including grammar,  punctuation, spelling and vocabulary.
  • You must type accurately and fast and be able to work effectively under the pressure of tight deadlines.

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While no formal training or prior experience is required to start a career in media transcription, some qualifications will give you an additional edge.

  • Knowledge of film industry terminology is preferred.
  • Keeping up to date with current world events will make transcribing news easier.
  • A diploma or certificate in film production is preferred but not required.
  • Completion of a transcription certificate program or an associate's degree is recommended but is not typically required.

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Entertainment transcriptionists should offer time coding/time stamping, closed captioning and subtitling services. Time coding makes it easier for the film producer to find the exact place in a recording they want to edit.

You must have a computer, high speed internet, a headset, a foot pedal, transcription software and word processing software (usually MS Word).

Salary is similar as other transcription jobs and varies depending on the hiring company and the skills of the transcriptionist.

Media transcription work can be lucrative and fun work for those who love movies, talk shows, news and politics.

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