Why Businesses Need Transcription Services and Why Transcriptionists Are in High Demand

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Find out why businesses, organizations, and individuals need transcription, and why transcriptionists are in high demand

Transcripts offer several important benefits and uses. But first, let me explain quickly what transcription is.

People use digital recorders to record dictation, conversations, interviews, focus groups, meetings, and more.

Transcriptionists are using transcription software to listen to audio and video recordings and transcribe them. The transcription software allows you to hear the audio, stop, forward, rewind, slow down, and speed up the recording, making it easier to type what you hear. Using a foot pedal makes transcription faster.

A transcriptionist listens to the audio and types what is said in a word processing program.  The finished transcript is saved as a computer file (e.g. Word file or other) and can be printed.

Here are just some of the reasons why a variety of businesses, organizations, and individuals need transcription and what they use it for.

  • Archiving: Transcripts make it easier to archive the content of audio and videos and retrieve the information in the future.
  • Searching: It’s a lot faster to do a search for specific content in a digital file than in an audio.
  • Content: Transcripts provide additional content that can be used for different purposes. Transcripts can provide content to a site and make a website more useful. You can repurpose the transcription content into one or more blog posts! Transcripts can be used in a blog, newsletters, magazine articles, and more. Some people create products from transcripts such as reports and books.
  • User-friendly: Transcripts give web visitors more choices. Some people prefer reading instead of listening and others like to listen and read simultaneously.
  • Faster. Skimming a written document takes less time than listening to an audio or viewing a video. Many people quickly skim the transcript to assess the content of a recording before listening to it.
  • Editing: Transcripts are easy to edit. You can change words, change the sequence of the information, add or delete information, and more. This makes it easy to update content and use transcripts to create reports and other documents.
  • Formatting: You can add formatting such as bold, italicized, and colored text to emphasize specific information.
  • Research: Transcripts are great for research.
  • Improved SEO: Transcripts are text. They are keyword searchable so more people will find transcripts through search engines than audio.  While Google, web publishers, and visitors like to see video and audio files on websites, transcripts provide additional search engine optimization and help search engines find and index web pages more easily. This increases the chances of a web page showing up in the search results and helps people find websites.
  • Additional audience: Transcripts of audio and videos are useful for hearing-impaired people.
  • Transcripts are useful when speakers have an accent some people may find difficult to understand.
  • Record keeping: Some state and federal laws require businesses to keep records of certain information, such as minutes from quarterly reports. Transcripts make it easier to keep those records.
  • Writers, researchers, students, and others can record their thoughts at any time and the recording can be transcribed later.

But why do they need transcriptionists?

  • Voice recognition software is not accurate enough. A transcriptionist can provide more accurate transcripts.
  • Voice recognition software can only transcribe recordings with one voice. They can't transcribe interviews, meetings, or anything with more than one voice.

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