7 Ways to Work from Home as a Legal Transcriptionist

Are you interested in working from home as a legal transcriptionist? Legal transcriptionists often work from home today. Digital recorders, transcription software, and the Internet have made it easy to record audio and video and send digital files to offsite transcriptionists. A wide variety of opportunities are available today to work from home as a … Read more

Legal Transcription Jobs with eScribers

Get legal transcription jobs with eScribers, one of the largest legal transcription and reporting companies. They are seeking experienced legal transcribers, proofreaders and stenographic reporters to add to their team of independent contractor service providers. Requirements to get legal transcription jobs with eScribers: In addition to the typical skills you need for all types of … Read more

Skills You Need to Become a Legal Transcriptionist

You want to make sure that you have developed the needed skills before getting your first legal transcription job. Building your reputation and credibility as a reliable transcriptionist is the key to getting repeat business and referrals from your clients. Here are some of the skills you’ll need to be become a successful legal transcriptionist … Read more

Legal Transcriptionist & Legal Editor Jobs from Home at Dictate Express Review

Dictate Express is seeking skilled legal transcriptionists and legal editors to work on large legal accounts, using straight transcription and voice recognition. You can take on both AR editing work and transcription work. You can work full time or part time from home as an independent contractor. If you’re interested in finding out how to … Read more

29 Tips to Become a Great Legal Transcriptionist

how to become a legal transcriptionist

These tips will help you improve transcription accuracy, deliver transcripts on time and increase your productivity and income. The accuracy of legal transcripts is extremely important because they can be used as evidence in a court of law. How do you learn legal transcription? If you don’t have a legal background or legal experience, taking a specialized legal transcription … Read more

Transcription Jobs With SpeakWrite

Requirements to Get a Transcription Job from Home with SpeakWrite:   Requirements for General Transcription / General Typist Jobs Requirements for Legal Transcription Software Requirements: Check out this complete transcription starter kit at Amazon. The kit includes Express Scribe Pro transcription software, USB Foot Pedal and USB Transcription Headset! Evaluation process See more information about their … Read more

General, Legal and Medical Transcription Jobs with Alphabet Transcription Specialists

Transcription jobs with alphabet transcription

Alphabet Transcription Specialists is currently recruiting experienced transcribers. They are always looking for experienced transcriptionists to work from home. This UK company has been established since 1995 and provides general, corporate, legal and medical transcription. They provide transcription worldwide but some of their work will be for UK clients so you need to know UK … Read more

Resources & Reference Material for Legal Transcriptionists & Paralegals

Legal transcriptionists must check challenging terms they are not familiar with. They can research terms through specialized online resources and a variety of legal reference books. Reference materials such as a law dictionary and style manual are essential when transcribing legal documents.  Below are popular reference guides for legal transcriptionists and paralegals. Search Legal Terms and Definitions.  … Read more