22 Work from Home Legal Transcription Jobs

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Legal Transcription offers great work from home opportunities.

Legal transcription is transcription of legal content or other content needed for legal reasons. The finished transcript becomes part of the legal record.

Legal transcription can be a great fit for you if you have any experience in a legal or paralegal field and want to work from home.

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What do legal transcriptionists do?

Legal transcriptionists listen to audio and video recordings related to legal issues and transcribe (type) what is said on the recording.

They use a regular computer, a computer keyboard, transcription software and word processing software to transcribe recordings. They usually listen to recordings with a headset and use a foot pedal to pause and rewind the recording and type the text in a word processing program.

The transcript turns the content of the recording into a text document and is typically provided to the client as a digital file (often a Word file) and can be printed.

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Types of legal transcription work

The wide variety of legal transcription work includes corporate law, family law, real estate law, collections and foreclosures, personal injury, insurance defense, workers’ compensation claims and defense, medical malpractice and criminal law.

Legal transcriptionists transcribe a variety of legal proceedings and recordings, including court proceedings, court hearings, recorded depositions, testimonies, pleadings, rulings, discovery, memorandums, briefs and subpoenas. They also transcribe dictated notes, legal correspondence, interviews, agreements, interrogations, statements and confessions, wire taps, phone calls and more.

Legal Transcription Resources

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Most transcription companies looking for legal transcriptionists require some experience but there are a few exceptions. 

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General Transcription Companies

  1. Same Day Transcription  (general, business, media, research)
  2. Terescription (entertainment transcription)
  3. Ubiqus (general transcription, foreign language transcription, subtitling)
  4. Birch Creek Communications (general – transcription – Out of business)

Not sure if legal transcription is right for you?

Find out what’s involved in becoming a legal transcriptionist, how you can learn legal transcription, how you can get started, what skills and equipment you need, and more.

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General Transcription Resources


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