What Is Business Transcription And Which Businesses Have Transcription Work?

What is business transcription?

Business transcription is any transcription needed for businesses.

Business transcriptionists transcribe business meetings, interviews, quarterly reports, seminars, voice mail messages, phone calls, single person dictations, video presentations, speeches, conferences, podcast, webinars and more.

Which Businesses Have Transcription Work?

Transcription is used in almost every business sector. The types of businesses that regularly use transcription services include:

  • The medical industry (medical transcription)
  • The legal industry (legal transcription)
  • Financial institutions (finance transcription)
  • Academia (academic transcription/general transcription)
  • The insurance industry (insurance transcription/general transcription)
  • Focus groups (focus group transcription)
  • Speakers/moderators (general transcription)
  • Teleconference organizers (conference transcription/general transcription)
  • Police Departments
  • Media / Movie producers (media transcription/general transcription)
  • Non-profit organizations (general transcription)
  • Religious organizations, e.g. churches (general transcription)
  • Government agencies (general transcription)

High demand.

There is a considerable demand for business transcription for a variety of industries. Many businesses, entrepreneurs, organizations and individuals need transcription of audio materials at one time or another. The demand for business transcription has increased in the last couple of years as more and more people are using audio and video online. The use of podcasts and webinars has increased as well. And web publishers often provide a transcript of their audio on their site.

Why businesses need transcription.

  • Transcription makes it easier to archive the content of audio and video (e.g. recorded events, meetings and interviews) and provides easy future reference.
  • Transcribed information can be easier indexed by search engines and is easier found by people searching the web.
  • Some laws require businesses to keep records of certain information, such as minutes from quarterly reports.
  • See more reasons why businesses, organizations and individuals need transcription and how they use it.

Business transcription is easier to get started

Contrary to medical or legal transcription, you do not need to go through extensive training and you do not need to be familiar with medical or legal terminologies to get into business or general transcription.

Of course, you need to have the basic skills needed to do the work such as English language and grammar proficiency, listening competency, typing speed and accuracy, and word processor know-how.

Many businesses outsource transcription work to freelance transcriptionists.

The majority of businesses are sending transcription work to freelance transcription services instead of doing the transcription in-house. Many contract freelance business transcriptionists who work from home. As their businesses do not require transcriptionists on a daily basis, outsourcing transcription jobs to freelancers on an “as needed” basis is a more practical arrangement for them.

You can find job postings for business transcription work in freelance sites and a variety of job sites.

The internet has made it possible for freelance transcriptionists to thrive and you just might find this an ideal opportunity to work from home.

Transcription Training – Resources to learn transcription

You can get this information by reading specialized books, using general transcription practice files and taking a specialized general transcription course.

I recommend Janet Shaughnessy’s intensive, multi-media general transcription course, General Transcription: Theory and Practice™. 

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You can find general  general transcription  practice files at http://www.generaltranscriptionworkfromhome.com/practice-files/  (This is my own product).

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