Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription

What Is Medical Transcription?

Transcribing is typing what’s been recorded. A transcriptionist listens to audio recordings and transcribes or types the content of the dictation using a word processing program.  Medical transcription is transcription that is related to healthcare. The person who transcribes the dictation is called a medical transcriptionist, medical transcriber or MT. Medical transcriptionists work with medical professionals […]

What is a Medical Transcription Editor

What is a medical transcription editor? A medical transcription editor or MT editor edits transcripts that are generated by other transcriptionista and by voice recognition to ensure that the transcripts are accurate, error-free and match the content of the original recordings. Medical transcription editors are in high demand. Here’s why: The accuracy of the finished transcriptions is very important. […]

General Transcription Training vs Medical Transcription Training

To get medical transcription jobs, you typically have to take a medical transcription training course. You’ll need to learn a wide range of medical terminology and specialties to be able to understand and spell medical terms. Medical transcription also requires a lot of  practice to acquire the necessary skills to get an MT job. Find out more […]

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