Top 6 Reasons to Get a Medical Billing and Coding Career

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Medical billing and coding specialists review and manage patients’ electronic medical records and assign codes to diagnoses and procedures that have been performed.

They ensure that third-party payers are billed correctly so healthcare providers can get reimbursed.

Here are the top 6 reasons to get a medical billing and coding career:

1 – Growing healthcare needs

Healthcare jobs in the US continue to increase because of the aging population.

A medical coding and billing career provides the benefits of working in the growing healthcare industry without working directly with patients, blood, and needles.

2- Shortage of medical coders

There is a shortage of medical coders and a growing need for medical coders in the US right now!

Projections show that employment for billing and coding specialists is expected to grow 29% by 2026.

3 – Good pay

According to CareerStep, the median salary for most coding and billing specialists is between $40,000 and $66,000 a year. Medical coders can start out earning over $40,000 on average and may also receive employment benefits.

See the earnings indicated by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

4 – Many opportunities for advancement

Medical coding is a great entry-level job with many advancement opportunities as you gain additional experience or education.

5 – Work at home or in a medical facility

You have to build some experience in a medical office setting first before working from home. But after having some experience, you will have many opportunities to work from home.

6 – Short training period

The short-term training is another reason why you may want to consider starting a career in medical billing and coding.

According to CareerStep, 83% of employers encourage or require certification for billing and coding specialists.


Highlights of the Medical Billing & Coding Program at Career Step

1. CareerStep created their medical billing program after an employer suggested the need for a quick training program that prepared graduates for careers in medical billing—without complex coding training so that grads can start working much faster.

2. Students can graduate and be career-ready with CareerSteps' Medical Billing program in less than 3 months.

Career Step built the course to cover everything you need to know to start your medical billing career and get a job as quickly as possible.

CareerStep mentions that most CareerStep learners complete their training and earn their certification in 8 months or less.

3. Credential preparation

After taking this course you'll be ready to sit for the CCA, CCS, CCS-P, COC, and CPC credentials so you can get started on your job search right away.

4. The medical billing program provides you with practical, hands-on experience with the paperwork you'll handle on the job. You'll learn how to fill out forms such as the UB-40 and CMS-1500. This minimizes the on-the-job training necessary and gives you an edge when you start working.

5. AHIMA student membership

A one-year AHIMA student membership is included with enrollment. You will have access to AHIMA’s mentor program, online peer communities, member discounts, and industry information. The connections you make with other HIM professionals through the membership will give you a distinct advantage in the job market.

6. ICD-10 experienced school

The healthcare industry is transitioning to ICD-10. CareerStep was one of the first schools to train for this new code set. Career Step was also heavily involved in helping employers train their employees for the switch. This means their students are training with the same curriculum employers are using for their employees!

7. Affordable

There are very few training programs that focus solely on medical billing. Most combine billing with complex coding training which increases the time it takes to complete the course and the cost. With the CareerStep program, students can be career-ready in less than 3 months.

For less than $3,500 the course prepares you for a career with starting salaries of $40,000 a year. This gets you in the door of a field that has lots of opportunities for advancement and specialization and increases earning potential with just a little experience or additional education.

Medical billing and coding is a great career for people who want to work in the administrative side of the medical field instead of working on the clinical side with patients.

To become a medical coder or biller, you should be detail-oriented and have analytical skills to use proper medical codes and bill insurance companies correctly.

If you're interested in a medical billing career, then check out
CareerStep's Medical Billing & Coding Program.

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