7 Super Easy Ways to Customize a PLR eBook and Make it Unique

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One of the best things about a PLR ebook is that it allows you to make changes and edits to your heart’s content.

This is now your creation and it’s up to you what you want to do with it.

Here are some super easy way to customize a PLR ebook and make it your own.

Give Your eBook a New Title

Changing the title of your ebook is a quick way to make it look different from the same product people may see on other sites.

It can also subtly change the way that readers will interpret the content. And you can slightly alter the target demographic or the way readers will interpret the book.

Use a Different Cover Image

Changing the ebook image or cover image will instantly give your ebook a different look. Many PLR product sellers will include Photoshop files of ebook covers that you can edit.

You can make a cover image using Canva or other graphics programs. Or you can outsource the cover design and have someone design a brand-new cover image. You can find a graphic designer within your community (ask in the Facebook Group for recommendations) or find someone on Fiverr or other freelance sites.

Reword the Content

You can change the voice to better suit your own. You can change the keywords. You can add or remove sections. You can change the order of the information. Make the order logical.

You can change the layout. Find ways to reorganize the content and make it look and read differently. For example, if the original content is in paragraph form, add bullets, change the order of the points, and paraphrase bullet points.

Add More Content

A simple way to add more value to an ebook you’re selling is by writing a few more pages. You can even add content from other PLR products. A great way to add value and make a unique ebook is by combining several PLR articles, reports, and ebooks (or parts of them) into one “mega” ebook.

Add or change the introduction and conclusion. In the introduction tell the audience what they’ll learn in the content. In the conclusion tell them what you taught them and how to proceed.

Add Tips, Examples, Stories, Tools, and Resources

examples, stories, tools and resources to make your ebook unique.

Use screenshots, case studies, interviews, examples, and more to the original content to better explain the concepts you’re trying to get across. Adding this information will add value and make the content more complete.

Adding your own tips, personal stories, and your personal experience will make your ebook even more unique.

You can always make an ebook more useful by adding a checklist, worksheet, workbook, infographics, mindmaps, and a resource list. You can even add affiliate links and recommendations for your other products.

Make it Pretty

When the ebook is essentially done, now it’s time to make it attractive. Add images to help your readers better understand the information.

Create “callouts” for quotes and important data.

If the PLR came with images, it’s best to change them. Add an infographic to data-centric content. For “how to” content take pictures of the steps to accomplish something. You may want to consider hiring a graphic designer to help you create the right graphics for your new ebook.

Add Your Branding

One big reason to redesign the cover is so that you can create better synergy with the rest of your branding. You can create a single cohesive design and message that runs through all your products and services. This helps people to better understand what your brand is all about and will build the kind of trust you need to make sure they want to buy subsequent products that you sell as well.

Include branding information such as about the author information, a picture of yourself, your website URL, and your contact information on the first page of the ebook after the cover image.

I highly recommend making your PLR content unique. By making some of these changes, you can make your ebook unique and unrecognizable from the initial source.

Choose quality Private Label Rights content

Finding PLR articles, books and videos is easy but finding great PLR is more difficult. Some private label rights are complete junk while others are great quality.

There are many different types of PLR content sites available. Some offer one-time purchases while others offer monthly memberships.

Some PLR providers cover many different topics while others specialize in certain topics. You’ll want to look for PLR sites that have topics you need for your niche.

Are you ready to try some PLR ebooks and make them your own? 

The potential of PLR is limitless. As you’ll become more familiar with Private Label Rights (PLR) content, you’ll come up with lots of great ways you can use PLR to create information products and use PLR content in your marketing.

Here are some of my favorite PLR providers.

Private Label Rights Content Providers

PiggyMakesBank – by Tracy Roberts and Susanne Myers

Tracy Roberts and Susanne Myers are providing some of the best-quality PLR content on a variety of topics, including internet marketing, marketing, organization, mindset, and more. I bought several content bundles from them and I love their content. Their content is so perfect you can really use it “as is .”  Check out their topics here.

Content Sparks by Sharyn Sheldon

I discovered this site recently through a firesale. Their content focuses on the hot topics your customers want to learn about, centered around 3 main areas: Sales & Marketing, Business Management & Planning, and Professional Development. They have a lot of content for business coaches and consultants but it is designed to be adaptable to any market or audience and to be flexible for use in any media format. They have over 30 years of experience designing and developing professional business training content for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. Check out Content Sparks here

Master PLR by Geoff and Susie O’Dea

High-quality content for Health & Wellness and Personal Development professionals. If you are a health professional, speaker, life coach, blogger, or publisher, I am sure that you will love their done-for-you content.
They provide reports, ebooks, and packages that come with professional graphics and even squeeze pages.

PLR Content Shop by Melisa Ingold – PLR Reports & Packages

I’ve bought several PLR reports from Melisa and am happy with her content. I like those smaller PLR sites because the quality is much better than what you get from some of the larger sites.

Coach Glue –  by Melissa Ingold & Nicole Dean

Melisa Ingold and Nicole Dean, two great PLR providers are combining their efforts at Coach Glue to provide spectacular content. Their PLR content packs are huge and are perfect for helping you get more readers and clients. They often include articles, social media posts, and other add-ons. Check out their “done-for-you” content here.

Thrive Anywhere

Thrive Anywhere has a variety of great PLR products, including articles, planners, journals printables, designs, and much more.

I bought a 90-day marketing plan with extended rights and access to Canva templates from them and it’s excellent. Both their content and designs are great. Check out their content here.


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