How To Find Freelance Blogging Jobs

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How to find freelance blogging jobs? If you're interested in getting paid to blog, there are several ways to find paid blogging jobs.

When looking for blogging jobs, your first step is to find as many blogging job boards and relevant freelance sites as possible. Be sure to bookmark the following sites and check them often. New jobs are added daily and some jobs are only available for a short amount of time. Here’s how to find blogging jobs.

Not sure what paid blogging jobs are?

When mentioning paid blogging jobs, most people think that it involves writing blog posts. And many paid blogging jobs are content writing jobs. Many sites have remote part-time or full-time writing jobs. And many blog writers get recurrent blog writing gigs as blogs need ongoing content.

But there are many other types of blogging jobs.

You can get paid blogging jobs by performing a variety of blogging tasks. In addition to content writing, blog publishers need content development and content strategies. A blog also needs planning, branding, editing, analytics, SEO, marketing, social media promotion, and more. Those are all blogging tasks you can get paid for.

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Visit Sites That List Paid Blogging Jobs

Job Boards

The ProBlogger Jobs Board

ProBlogger Job Board is one of the most active and best places to find blogging-related jobs. And the best thing about it is that it's free to job seekers. The jobs are often with well-known companies. Freelance blogging jobs include blogging on someone’s blog. You’ll find many gigs for blog post writers, editors, proofreaders, copywriters, ghostwriters, researchers, content marketers, social media managers, web developers, web designers, SEO consultants, blog consultants, virtual assistants, and more. This site includes over 8,000 posts with blogging advice, tips, in-depth tutorials, and the latest blogging trends.

Check this job board daily because new jobs are added each day.

problogger job board listing freelance writing jobs


This site is similar to ProBlogger’s board but with different jobs listed. The BloggingPro Job Board is updated daily with new paid blogging jobs, blog writing jobs, freelance writing jobs, and more. This is a great site for bloggers and freelance writers to get blogging jobs.

This site is free for job seekers. Businesses pay to place an ad. See Blogging Pro's blogging jobs at

In addition to writing jobs, they also post other jobs for bloggers:

  • Writing Jobs
  • Online Content Jobs
  • Editing Jobs
  • Blogger Jobs
  • Publishing Jobs
  • Copywriting Jobs

All Freelance Writing Job Board

At this site, you can quickly find high-paying freelance writing jobs based on dates and pay ranges. You can also subscribe to the freelance writing jobs feed. Writing jobs you can find here include writing blog posts, SEO writing, freelance writing, freelance journalism, article writing, news writing, editing, and proofreading.


This job board is one of the best places to find well-paying, legitimate remote writing jobs, content writing, editing jobs and blogging jobs.

Contena is a well-known site that helps people find the best freelance writing, editing jobs, and blogging jobs fast. Many writers report that they have found writing jobs here. You'll also know how much the jobs will pay before applying for any jobs.

Contena is a paid membership site. They only list legitimate remote jobs. Their escrow system also ensures that you get paid for your work. The Contena membership also provides a good course for starting your freelance writing business, plus powerful tools for finding the best remote writing gigs. It also has a large library of companies that hire remote writers.

The negative critique Contena is getting from some people is that you can find the same jobs on free job boards. However, the free job boards don't guarantee that the jobs are legitimate as Contena does and you have to screen the legitimate jobs from the scams. Contena is a good place to find writing jobs and the site will help you find legitimate jobs faster but their membership is not cheap.

Canadian Freelance Writing 

I found job postings here for an English technical writer, French SEO copywriter for web projects, web content writer, and social media manager. Some jobs are freelance writing jobs while others are in-house writing jobs.

Writer’s Weekly

Writer's Weekly posts a wide variety of writing-related jobs. You can generally spot the blogging jobs since they’ll make a reference to “web content” and a few may tell you specifically that they’re looking for bloggers in the post title.

Here are some of the writing jobs I found on Writer's Weekly.

Freelance Writing Gigs

The Freelance Writing Job Board is updated daily with fresh freelance writing jobs and blogging jobs. Jobs range from online writing jobs to part-time on-site jobs to internships. This site isn’t specific for blogging jobs but you will find blogging jobs posted. Just as the other job boards, the Freelance Writing Gigs job board is free for job seekers.

Writers Write

This specialty job board contains job listings for editors, writers, freelancers, technical writers, journalists, medical writers and more.

The #1 Writing Tool

Journalism Jobs

This is the largest and most-visited resource for journalism jobs and also posts writing and editing jobs. It gets between 2.5 to 3 million page views a month.

Telecommuting and flexible jobs at Flexjobs

This is a great job board to find scam-free, work-from-home, remote jobs worldwide. This job search board specializes in listing remote, freelance, flexible work-from-home jobs and freelance work. Every job they list offers flexibility such as telecommuting, freelance, part-time or other flexible work options.

What makes this board unique is that they thoroughly research and screen all jobs so you don’t have to be concerned about scams. All jobs listed are 100% legitimate work from home. You can search for jobs in 55 categories and from well-known companies.

I recommend this site to find skilled work-from-home jobs but not for entry-level jobs (like data entry jobs). They charge a membership fee but it’s well worth it because all job listings are screened. Find Remote, Flexible Freelance Jobs with FlexJobs today! Save up to 30% at FlexJobs with code SAVE30 and find your new remote job. 

Job bidding sites


Upwork is one of the best-known and largest freelance sites. Upwork is a great work marketplace for freelancers to find a variety of freelance jobs, including blogging jobs and writing jobs. Use it to kickstart your freelance blogging career as you're able to browse lots of jobs and find the ones that are perfect for you.

Freelancers bid on jobs posted by clients. After completing your profile, Upwork will find ideal jobs for you. You can also search for projects and respond to client invitations.

Upwork has millions of remote workers and that means that the competition is huge – especially for beginners. You bid against each other for work. If you're new, you'll work for low rates until you build up your rating but experienced writers can get decent pay. Upwork also takes high service fees (20%) out of your pay.

To get started, it's important to create a good freelancer profile (including skills, portfolio, and certifications) to stand out from other job seekers. And once you get work, you'll want to build up your rating. Upwork says that “It takes just one job to develop a successful relationship that can propel your career forward!”


You can find just about any kind of remote job here. But the site is jammed with tens of millions of freelancers making competing very tough. Don’t try this platform if you’re a beginner. Freelancers charge a commission for each of the awarded projects.


Guru is an established and popular freelance site. It’s great for finding remote jobs in writing, translation, design, administration, sales, marketing, programming, and more. When doing a search for blogging jobs, I found job postings for SEO services, SEO writing, blog writing, guest blogging, guest post blogging, website design, and social media blogging


Selling gigs on Fiverr is another easy and fast way to get blogging jobs. Fiverr is a popular outsourcing platform and thousands of people are visiting this site every day to look for people who can do some work for them. You put up gigs on Fiverr and have clients come to you. Gigs range from $5 up to $500. Some people are making six figures a year on Fiverr.


Many employers post their blogging jobs under the “Jobs” section (Writing/Editing” category) or under the “Gigs” section (“Writing” and “Creative” categories) of

You can also use the search box to search specifically for blogging jobs. You may have to wade through non-paying gigs and gigs that pay in ad revenue only.

When looking for remote blogging jobs you don’t need to limit yourself to just looking at your own area. You can find a wider variety of jobs by checking out ads in larger cities like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, London, and others.

Search Google

If you visit the above sites on a daily basis, then you’ll find plenty of new blogging jobs you can apply for. However, it’s good to have a big list of prospective jobs because these jobs are competitive.

Therefore I also recommend searching Google to uncover individual blogging jobs as well as sites that post these blogging jobs.

Search Terms

Below you’ll find a list of keywords and keyphrases you can use in your job search to find blogging jobs and freelance writing jobs. Note that some of these keywords are very specific to blogging, while you can use the others to uncover sites that list writing jobs (some of which may be blogging jobs).

  • Blogging jobs
  • Paid blogging jobs
  • Paid blogger positions
  • Paid bloggers wanted
  • Freelance blogging jobs
  • Jobs for paid bloggers
  • Jobs for professional bloggers
  • Bloggers wanted
  • Freelance blogging jobs
  • Blogs hiring writers
  • Blogs hiring bloggers
  • Writers wanted
  • Paid writers wanted
  • Freelance writing jobs
  • Freelance writer
  • Writing jobs
  • Telecommute writing jobs
  • Paid writing jobs
  • Jobs for professional writers
  • Paid web content jobs
  • Content creation jobs

Now you know how and where to find a plethora of freelance paid blogging jobs and writing jobs, I recommend bookmarking these sites, checking them daily, and applying quickly to any of the blogging jobs you're interested in.

Many writers find freelance writing jobs by taking the time to search for telecommuting writing jobs online.

Finding telecommuting writing jobs can take some time or money. However, by getting into a regular job-search routine and using bookmarks and job feeds, you can speed up the process and make finding freelance writing jobs a bit easier.

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