General Transcription

General Transcription

What is General Transcription?

Transcription is typing what you hear on a recording. General transcription is any transcription that is not medical or legal transcription. General transcriptionists (GTs) transcribe a large variety of non-medical and non-legal topics for businesses, individuals and organizations. They transcribe dictation, interviews, meetings and more. General transcription covers a broad spectrum of industries and topics. […]

3 Types of Transcribing Jobs

3 Types of Transcribing Jobs When most people hear about transcription, they think of medical transcription. But there are many types of transcription work, including medical, legal, general and business transcription. Find out more about transcription jobs available in a variety of industries. Transcribing is listening to recorded speech and typing what’s said on the audio or video, […]

12 Career Options for Transcriptionists

There are several career paths for transcriptionists. Here are just a few of them. Provide medical transcription. Provide legal transcription. Provide general and business transcription. Provide a combination of the above or all of the above. Work from home for one or more transcription companies as an independent contractor (many people start that way). Work from […]

General Transcription Training vs Medical Transcription Training

To get medical transcription jobs, you typically have to take a medical transcription training course. You’ll need to learn a wide range of medical terminology and specialties to be able to understand and spell medical terms. Medical transcription also requires a lot of  practice to acquire the necessary skills to get an MT job. Find out more […]

What Is Business Transcription And Which Businesses Have Transcription Work?

What is business transcription? Business transcription is any transcription needed for businesses. Business transcriptionists transcribe business meetings, interviews, quarterly reports, seminars, voice mail messages, phone calls, single person dictations, video presentations, speeches, conferences, podcast, webinars and more. Which Businesses Have Transcription Work? Transcription is used in almost every business sector. The types of businesses that […]

Transcription Jobs

Below are some companies that regularly have transcription jobs. Check their website to find out what their qualification requirements are. If you’re new to transcription, make sure you’re qualified to do the work before applying to any companies. To get more information on how to become a general transcriptionists, subscribe to my FREE General Transcription […]

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