How to Avoid Data Entry Scams

There are many legitimate, remote data entry jobs out there. But there are also many data entry scams. And one of the hardest parts about finding legitimate data entry gigs is weeding out the scams. I want you to be very careful when responding to freelance data entry jobs and data entry business opportunities. In … Read more

Why Choose CareerStep Training vs Other Medical Transcription Training

Why Choose CareerStep Training vs Other Medical Transcription Training

Benefits of Career Step Training Free instructor support. Free graduate support and job search advice. Click here to sign up for your online training The discounts are available to students who pay their tuition in a single payment at the time of enrollment, but there are also savings available for students who prefer a payment … Read more

Increase Your Typing and Transcription Speed with Word Shortcut Keys

You can quickly increase your typing and transcription speed by using Word shortcut keys. Microsoft Word has 200+ keyword shortcuts to help you increase your typing speed. For example, pressing CTRL+B on the keyboard changes the selected text to bold. This is much faster than clicking Bold on the Formatting toolbar or selecting Bold in the … Read more

Ubiqus Transcription Jobs from Home Review

From medical transcription to verbatim transcription and even summary writers, Ubiqus offers a ton of different transcription jobs online for beginners. If you can provide same day and next day transcripts, you are likely to receive more work. Requirements: U.S.-based, native English speaker. 1-5 years of relevant experience (i.e. editing/proofreading work with a publishing company, … Read more

Transcription Jobs – Transcription Companies Hiring Now

Below are some companies that regularly have transcription jobs. Check their website to find out what their qualification requirements are. If you’re new to transcription, make sure you’re qualified to do the work before applying to any companies. To get more information on how to become a general transcriptionists, subscribe to this FREE General Transcription … Read more

Babbletype Transcription, Translation and Proofreading Review

Transcription jobs for beginners with babbletype no experience needed

Babbletype is always looking for capable transcriptionists, proofreaders (transcription editors), and translators. This company provides transcription and translation services. Their website says that they are always looking for new transcriptionists, editors, and translators to add to their team, but that they are selective. What Babbletype calls “proofreading jobs” are actually “transcription editing jobs.” Proofreaders or … Read more

General Transcription Jobs from Home with Bynes Transcript and Typing Services

Get General Transcription Jobs with Bynes Transcript and Typing Services. Bynes Transcript Is Accepting Applications For Transcribers. Requirements: 1. Must have over 1 year transcription experience.2. Must have proofreading and editing skills.3. Must be able to meet deadlines.4. Must be able to communicate and provide status reports.5. Need a resume and 3 references. Testing is … Read more

How Temperature Affects Typing Errors and Productivity

If your work area is too cold, you might not be typing as accurately or as much as you could be. A landmark study shows that typing errors increase and typing performance decreases as office temperatures drop. In a study evaluating the impact of indoor environmental conditions on productivity, Cornell University ergonomics professor Alan Hedge … Read more

Catcha Imput Sites

Captcha solving is a very easy way to make extra money online. But it pays very little. Captchas are usually images that contain distorted text that you need to answer before getting into a website to indicate that you are not a robot. Captchas help prevent automated bots from posting large numbers of messages, automating … Read more