Top 13 Online Jobs – Work from Home or Anywhere

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Are you interested in online jobs and being able to work from home or anywhere?

Do you want to get online jobs so you can make money from anywhere?

Are you looking for a way to make money from home? From taking surveys to providing services to blogging, there are many ways you can make money from home and make money online.

Online jobs are making it possible to work from home and work anywhere.

work from home online jobs

In fact, millions of Americans work from home and more and more people are becoming digital nomads and work while traveling and visiting different countries.

The ability to send and receive money online has also made it easier than ever before to get remote jobs and work from anywhere.

When looking for work from home or work from anywhere, you can get a traditional “job” and work remotely. But it's easier if you don't have a boss to worry about.

One of the best ways to work from home is by providing services and getting your own clients.

When you get online jobs as a freelancer or build your own business, you'll have a lot more flexibility

I'll mention some of the best ways to get online jobs and make money from home here.  Some offer unlimited earning potential while others can make you extra money.

These popular online jobs and online businesses offer incredible flexibility and great income potential. Depending on your income needs, you can work just a few hours per week or work full-time.

I'm very familiar with the work-from-home jobs I'm mentioning here and recommend any of those if they fit your skills and preferences.

I've done a lot of those work-from-home jobs myself at different times, including virtual assisting, transcription, resume writing, web design, eBay sales, blogging, info product creation, and affiliate marketing.

Choose online jobs or a business that fits your skills and interests

When deciding on a home business or work-from-home job, it’s important to consider your knowledge, skills, and experience.  Look at your skills, abilities, and experience and see where they could fit in.

The best work-from-home or home business for you
is work that fits your skills and interests.

When you choose a business or work based on your skills, it will be much easier to stick with it and be successful.

Everyone has some skills that they can use to make money working from home. The hard part is figuring out what skills you have that will best suit a work-from-home career and how to put those skills to use to make money.

If you take some time to really look at what you do now, you can find something that will allow you to work from home. Evaluating your skills will help you narrow down the right options for you and will help you get started on the right foot.

You need to consider your background and come up with home business ideas that will allow you to use the skills or knowledge you have, and do the kind of work that you are good at. For example, if you have always worked in the marketing field you may not want to become a freelance writer who writes about science subjects for a living.

Choose the work you like

Make sure that the business or work you choose is something you’re passionate about. You’ll be spending a lot of time working on your business so you should love what you do. If you consider what you like in addition to what you know you'll be more likely to make your business successful.

Ask the following questions: What are your passions? What do you enjoy doing? What excites you? Make a list of those things, then go down the list to see which ones will fit in with a work-from-home venture.

For instance, if you don’t like to spend time on your computer, affiliate marketing or eBay sales won't be a good choice for you.

Choose a business that will allow you to use what you know and will like.  You can always learn new things and no one will like their work 100% of the time, but when you focus on what you know and like, you have a much better chance of succeeding.

Choose work that can be profitable

Not everything that you enjoy doing can be turned into a profitable work-at-home job.

But there are things that you enjoy that you can turn into a true work venture. Those are the passions you want to focus on. For instance, if you like working with children, a home daycare center or tutoring could be a good business for you. If you enjoy cooking, you may start a catering or baking service from your own kitchen.

So, when choosing a business or work-from-home job, make sure it's something that can be profitable.

You must evaluate if your true passion in life is something that you can turn into a way to make money. Once you find it, you’re halfway there.

After evaluating your skills and interests and doing some research, you too can find the perfect work-from-home.

I will give you many ideas here of how you can turn your skills into a successful home business. Everything mentioned here is a legitimate way to make money from home. Some have unlimited earning potential while others will give you some extra pocket change. Have a closer look at the ones that suit your skills and interests.

  • Virtual Assistant
  • Transcription
  • Freelance Writing
  • Freelance Proofreading
  • Bookkeeping
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Medical Billing & Coding
  • Scoping
  • Coaching
  • Teaching
  • Tutoring

1- Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistance is a booming and lucrative business. VAs offer support to businesses and entrepreneurs from their home office or anywhere else where they have an Internet connection. A virtual assistant gets paid to provide services and perform tasks for clients and an independent contractor.

Services offered can include everything from email management, content creation, bookkeeping, graphic design, social media, and more! There are tons of services you can offer as a VA.

They offer a wide variety of services to a range of clients in a lot of different specialties.

The services you can offer are unlimited and depend on your skills and experience. The more skills and expertise virtual assistants have the more business they can get and the more money they can make.

You probably already have some skills and as you continue to learn new skills, you’ll be able to offer more services to your clients. Some VAs acquired skills from a job or from attending college, technical schools or online training. You can also acquire new skills by taking classes at a local community college or online training programs.

There are tons of services you can offer as a VA. Some VAs specialize in one or more particular tasks. They may handle administrative, marketing, and other tasks for business owners.

Services offered can include everything from email management, content creation, bookkeeping, graphic design, social media, and more! They may conduct Internet research, design websites, set up and manage blogs, post blog posts, manage emails, answer support tickets/email/chat support, edit audio and video files, write content, create graphics, keep appointment calendars, and just about anything else that can be done on a computer.

Some of the great-paying tasks include social media management like managing people's Pinterest accounts.

275 services you can offer as a virtual assistant

Check out this list of 275 services you can offer
as a virtual assistant to learn more!

How much money can a VA expect to earn?

From the little research that exists, the average North American virtual assistant earns between $25-40 per hour.

This is going to depend on your experience, skill set, and areas of expertise. I.e. The more specialized your services and the more experience you have, the more you can charge.

I’ve seen people in our community charge as little as $15 per hour and others earn more than $100 per hour (including myself).

Ultimately it comes down to being really good at what you do and finding clients that value what you’re offering them.

Gina is supporting her family of five as a virtual assistant. And she’s sharing how you can do it too. Gina's course can help you to  become a successful virtual assistant. Click here to find out how to get started.

2 – Freelance Writing

Writing is an in-demand skill and can provide a good income regardless of where you live. If you have the patience to build your writing business, you can make quite a good living at it.

There are many writing opportunities online. The types of writing services you can provide range from article writing, writing blog posts, writing web content, copywriting, writing books, ghostwriting, resume writing, technical writing, and more.  For instance, the best magazine writers can earn $2,000 or more per article, but most online writers make significantly less than that.

Article writing

You can make easy money if you can write quality articles fast. While the pay isn’t always as high as you would like when you're getting started, it is a great way to get your foot into a specific niche that has the ability to grow. When you are familiar with the topic you're writing about, you can write faster without having to do research.

Writing content for websites

Marketers, web publishers and online businesses always need new content to attract visitors to their site. You can write web content for private clients, sign up with websites that offer your articles for sale, or set up your own blog to promote your writing services.

SEO writing basically involves including keywords in your writing. It's not difficult to write SEO content and there is a huge demand for it. You'll need to know some basics about Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Generally, web content writers set their prices by the word.

Technical writing

There is always a need for a variety of technical writing. Technical writing encompasses documentation of technical processes. Technical writing includes writing user manuals, how-to guides, help files, software guides, operating procedures, service agreements, company documents, white papers, executive summaries, briefs, and more.

Resume writing

Offering resume writing services is a great business for people with writing skills. Providing resume writing services is easy for writers. Resume writing can be a business on its own or can be supplemental to other writing services, career services, or a VA business.

As part of my secretarial business, I was typing resumes and cover letters for job seekers. Initially, I often edited their resume and did some minor rewriting at no extra cost. When I met a resume writer and realized how much she was charging for writing resumes, I started offering resume writing services myself.

There are many career resources that will provide you with all the information you need to write effective resumes. You'll also find tons of resume templates online. Joining professional associations is a good way to improve your knowledge, network, and find resources. Some of the professional resume associations to help you build a resume-writing business include The National Resume Writers Association; and the National Association of Executive Recruiters.

Income: Most resume writing services have an income that ranges from $50,000 to $200,000/year.

Professionally written resumes range from about $100 to $400. You can charge $100-$150 for recent graduates and people with little experience while you can charge higher rates for high-level executives. You can increase those fees by offering full-service packages with personalized cover letters and thank-you letters tailored to prospective employers.

I found this site that can help you start and run a resume business. I'm not familiar with the membership but I've read some of Teena Rose's articles in the past when I was a resume writer and know that she's been a resume writer for a long time.

If you're interested in getting writing work from home, there’s a lot of information available about how to get started.

Read my article: 8 Proven Ways to Get Your First Freelance Writing Gig. This article provides many resources, including freelance sites, job boards, and freelance boards specializing in freelance writing jobs and resources for writers and how to get freelance writing jobs.

3 – Freelance Proofreading

free proofreading workshop

Freelance proofreading is a great online job and career for people who have excellent grammar skills.

Online proofreading is in high demand. As the demand for online content continues to grow, so does the need for proofreaders.

Many freelance proofreading jobs allow you to work from home and have very flexible hours. You can choose to work full-time or part-time. Proofreading offers a variety of work. The tasks of a proofreader will vary according to the type of document, the audience for the document, and the clients you're working with.

To get online proofreading jobs you need to be proficient in using the special symbols of proofreading. To get work and be competitive in this field, it will help to take a good course.

Pay:  Proofreading can provide a great income.

ZipRecruiter mentions that the average income of a freelance editor is $51,417/year.

To learn more about getting proofreading work from home, how to become a proofreader, and what’s involved, check out this FREE Introductory workshop for proofreaders by Caitlin Pyle.

4 – Bookkeeping

If you enjoy working with math and numbers, you may be interested in starting your own accounting or bookkeeping business from your home office. Either of these can be quite lucrative, especially during tax season.

Small businesses will often hire an independent accountant who is responsible for paying bills, keeping track of all income, payroll, and filing quarterly taxes.  You can also do accounting for private clients on a regular basis.

Most of the initial cash outlay will be for a computer, accounting software, and some office equipment. You may need an accounting degree. You can obtain an accounting degree through online classes.

This may not be a 100 percent remote business but you can run an accounting business from your home. You can receive information from your clients through email or mail or FedEx. Your clients can drop off documents at your home or you can pick them up at their office.

Once you get the number of clients you want, you won't need to keep advertising.  You’ll most likely continue to pick up all the clients you need through word of mouth.

This is a business that, once off the ground, will grow all by itself. As long as you’re good at what you do, you’ll be set for as long as you want. To find out TODAY if virtual bookkeeping is THE business you’ve been looking for.

Bookkeeping Resources

how to start a bookkeeping business

Free bookkeeping workshop. Take this free bookkeeping workshop to learn how to start your own digital bookkeeping business and find out if digital bookkeeping is the right business for you.

Quickbooks is the favorite software of accountants.

FreshBooks is a very popular invoicing and accounting software used by over 10 million small businesses and can do just about anything you need. You can automate invoices, track time, and organize expenses. It’s cloud-based, so customers can access it from anywhere. Pricing ranges from $15-50 per month. There is a free trial period available for all regular plans.

Find out the difference:  FreshBooks vs. QuickBooks.

freshbook online invoicing software

5 – Graphic Design

Graphic artists are some of the most sought-after professionals today. Bloggers constantly need images for their blogs and are always looking for good graphic artists.

You can design images or visuals for websites, social media, newsletters, advertisements, brochures, publications, and more. You can create animated images and videos. Create images for social media.

Freelance graphic design jobs are perfect for people looking for online jobs. A graphic design business provides you with a lot of flexibility. You can provide graphic design services from just about anywhere.

If you have graphic design skills or an eye for design, you can work as a graphic designer with no formal training. You can get formal training or a certificate or a degree in graphic design but they are not necessary to get graphic design work online. You can also find many tutorials online.

Depending on the types of images you'll provide, you may need several graphic design software programs.

You'll need to build a portfolio to show your skills to land design jobs. I recommend setting up a website to showcase your portfolio. You can get hosting through Bluehost for as little as $3.99 a month.

Do you want a website but don't know how to get started? Read my article, How to Set up a Money-Making Blog.

99designs, Upwork and Fiverr are just some of the places where you can find graphic design work. I've also seen some graphic design jobs posted on Creative Hotlist. You can also promote your graphic design services on social media.

Graphic design resources:

6 – Web Design

web design

Web design is in high demand and being a web designer provides a great way to work from home. If you have design skills and like creative work, a web design business can be a fun business with good income potential but you have to know how to set yourself apart from your competitors.

To differentiate yourself from others, you can specialize. You can work with specific clients or industries; work with small businesses or large corporations; specialize in membership sites or e-commerce sites; redesign existing sites (it's easier to work with people who already have a website and have content); or specialize in specific platforms (e.g. Drupal, Weebly, Squarespace).

You don't need a formal degree but you may want to take some classes to improve your knowledge in some areas.

WordPress is the most popular website platform to build sites and it's free so you don't need to buy expensive software to get started as a web designer.

You need to have your own website and show off samples of sites you've created. You will need a graphic design program to design, resize, and revise the images you'll put on the sites you design.

To get your first clients and build up your portfolio, you can do some free work for friends and non-profits. You can also use freelance sites like Upwork, Guru, and other freelance sites to promote yourself but you'll be competing with people in other countries who offer low prices. You can find clients on Craigslist too but the rates will also be low.

There is a lot of potential to sell additional services your web design clients need, including graphic design, search engine optimization, content marketing, editing, video creation, and more. You could even specialize in one of those areas.

Your clients will also need hosting services like Bluehost and email marketing software like ConvertKitAweber  GetResponse, and MailChimp.  You can make additional money by becoming an affiliate of those services and promoting them to your clients.

If you're using WordPress to build sites, your clients will also need a good WordPress theme. If you have programming knowledge, you can design a custom theme for them or recommend a professional theme like ElegantTheme, GeneratePress, and Genesis.

They will also need SEO services, social media management, and more to get traffic to their site.

The challenge of providing web design services is that the web, software, and technology always change. People see the newest features and want them. You’ll need to stay current on new trends and technologies. And you constantly have to update your skills.

I was a web designer for 10+ years. I enjoyed the creative part of web design but I stopped working with new clients because the learning curve never ends and I got tired of keeping up with it.

My recommendations:

Build a support group. Join online communities focused on web design and development through social media. Look for networking groups of freelance web designers. Join local Meetup groups for web designers. Find someone who can help you out if you run into technical/programming challenges. I found a US programmer online who fixed any programming and WordPress problems I ran into. In the last couple of years, I had him design most of my clients' sites. Outsourcing some of the work is a good way to make additional profits and allows you to work with more clients.

Having a hosting service that provides great customer support like Bluehost will solve 80% of any technical issues you may run into. I've been using Bluehost for 10+ years and they've always been extremely helpful – even with WordPress issues.

If you like creativity and don't get frustrated when running into technical issues, it's a fun and profitable business. And there are many ways to expand your income with a wide range of internet marketing services that your clients will need.

7 – Medical Billing & Coding

jobs in medical coding - get AHIMA approved training

Medical coders assign codes to patients’ medical diagnoses and procedures that have been performed. Those codes are then used by the medical biller to bill patients and insurance companies.

A medical billing and coding career is great for people who like to work with computers and are detail-oriented.

It provides the benefits of working in the growing healthcare industry without working directly with patients, blood, and needles. Healthcare jobs in the US continue to increase because of the aging population.

There is a shortage of medical coders and a growing need for medical coders in the US right now!

Projections show that employment for billing and coding specialists is expected to grow 29% by 2026.

What Is the Average Medical Coding Salary?

According to a survey by AAPC (Advancing the Business of Healthcare):

“The average medical coder across all AAPC membership (certified and non-certified) earns approximately $51,889 per year. The average medical coder with no certification earns approximately $42,015 per year while professionals with one certification earn approximately $51,426, a difference of nearly 18 percent. Medical coders who specialize and certify as a Certified Professional Medical Auditor (CPMA®), Certified Physician Practice Manager (CPPM®), or Certified Documentation Expert Outpatient (CDEO®) average over $69,000 annually.”

Medical coding is a great entry-level job with many opportunities for advancement as you gain additional experience or education.

You must understand that you'll start with entry-level jobs but this field has lots of opportunities for advancement and increased earnings with some experience or additional education.

With the Career Step medical billing and coding program, you can be career-ready in less than 3 months (but 6-8 months is more realistic).

Click here to learn more about Medical Coding and Billing Training at Career Step!

Recommended Reading:

8 – Scoping / Editing Legal Transcripts

Scoping is editing court reporters’ transcripts. Editing legal transcripts or scoping is one of the fastest-growing online jobs in the USA.  Here are some of the reasons why scoping is a popular work-from-home job:

make money editing legal transcripts
  • Scopists can work from home or from anywhere.
  • Scopists can work from home on their computer. They don’t have to attend court proceedings.
  • Scoping pays well.
  • Scoping allows you to work your own hours and have a flexible schedule.
  • Scoping is in high demand and there is a steady stream of scoping work. Court reporters are swamped with work and are looking for scopists to reduce their workload.

Scopists use Computer-Aided Transcription (CAT) software to read the court reporter’s stenotype transcripts, transform them into written text, and thoroughly edit the transcript.

How much can you make as a scopist?

How much you’ll make will depend on your skills, speed, amount of time you work, and how many clients you’re working with. $30,000 to $35,000 is typical income for scopists but some scopists make up to $50,000 and more. Of course, your first year will be slower and you’ll make less as you’ll need to build your skills, speed, contacts, and clients. Scoping typically pays more than twice as much per page than proofreading. Scoping pays around $1/per page vs 40 cents per page for proofreading.

Scoping is not for everyone but can be a great career for the right person. You must have good language and spelling skills and like working on a computer. You’ll need a computer, a high-speed internet connection, a few reference books, and CAT software.  Getting excellent training is the first step to becoming a professional scopist.

Not sure if scoping is right for you? Want to learn more about scoping?

Subscribe to the FREE SCOPING INTRO COURSE from ISS to learn more about scoping.

9 – Coaching

Coaching is a hot business these days that can easily be done remotely. Business coaches assist with business planning and development. Academic coaches may work on strategies to help kids succeed.  Writing coaches help people write books. Life coaches help their clients achieve more and have happier lives. Dating coaches help clients find love. Sports coaches help people improve their sports skills.

When searching for “coaching jobs”, SimplyHired pulled up many job openings for coaches, including remote emotional wellness coach, employment coach, ILS coach, life coach specialist, success coach, remote sobriety coach, diabetes telehealth coach, remote success coach, work-from-home behavior health coach and more.

At Compass, life coaches work with clients who have disabilities with plans and processes so their goals are within reach.

The Knight School, Sugar Land, TX, recruits after-school program coaches 17 dollar per hour to teach kids chess.

So, as you can see, there are coaching possibilities in just about anything. Just think about how you can help people while making money doing so.

Income: Coaches can earn up to $500 per hour.

10 – Transcription

general transcription free mini course

General transcription is one of the fastest-growing online jobs and it offers great opportunities to work from home.

Transcription is listening to audio or video recordings and typing what you hear.

If you have good typing, listening, English, and grammar skills, you may want to consider a transcription-at-home career. It is a great field to get into for stay-at-home moms, students, retired people and others who want to make money working from home part-time or full-time.

Medical transcription

Medical transcription requires specialized training. There is less work for medical transcription today and the pay is low.

Unlike medical transcription, you don’t have to learn medical terminology and take extensive classes to get general transcription work from home.

General transcription

General transcription and legal transcription are in demand and pay well if you're working for your own clients (not if you're starting out working for transcription companies that don't require experience).

Legal transcription

Legal transcription requires some knowledge or training and is also a great field to get into.

My very first job was a position as a medical secretary in a small clinic. That's where I got my first experience with transcription. Several years later when I had forgotten most of the medical terms, I offered general transcription as part of my secretarial service business for about 10 years. It was a good money maker and provided larger jobs than most of the word processing services I provided at the time.

Pay for general and legal transcription:  According to Janet Shaughnessy from TranscribeAnywhere,

“The average median annual income for a general transcriptionist is currently $45,000. Legal transcriptionists can earn around $60,000. Of course, if you start your own business and hire subcontractors while working as a project manager yourself, your income can grow well beyond these figures.”

ZipRecruiter mentions an average of $39,762/year.

Transcription Resources

If you’re not sure that transcription is the right career for you, check out my FREE General Transcription Mini-Course and my FREE Legal Transcription Mini-Course.

Janet Shaughnessy’s General Transcription Course is a great online, multi-media course that will help you get started in transcription. Click here to get more information about Janet's General Transcription Course.  It will teach you how to transcribe and how to find high-paying transcription jobs. The course includes typing drills, transcription skills, transcription formats, grammar skills, lots of practice files, and much more.

Janet’s Legal Transcription Course is a great course I highly recommend for people who want to get into legal transcription. Click here to get more information about her Legal Transcription Course. 

I also have some general transcription practice files so you can practice transcription. Click here to get more information about my general transcription practice files.

You can find many articles about transcription on this site.

11- Teaching

Many people have become quite successful at working from their homes by teaching others something they are proficient in.

Many people seek private art lessons in different arts such as sculpting, pottery, and ceramics.

If you have musical skills, you can teach students how to play the piano, play the guitar, and give voice or singing lessons from your home.

People who are interested in acting or communication fields will often want to improve their speaking voices. This includes learning proper diction as well as toning down some accents. The tone of your voice is also important and may need to be kept soft and modulated rather than screeching and loud. There are many reasons people want this type of instruction, and if you are skilled in this, you can make quite a good living right from your home.

If you have a good-sized space, you can hold dance classes or exercise classes. Or you can teach one student at a time.

Are you starting to see all of the different possibilities? Anything that you are proficient in can be used as an avenue to work from home.  The potential is endless.

Look at what you do well and look around to see what is in demand in your area. That’s the perfect place to begin.

12 – Tutoring


You do not need to have a teaching degree or a certification to become a tutor. In fact, many successful tutors do not have either of these. But you need to be enthusiastic, empathetic, friendly, and knowledgeable about your subject.

Maybe you like to show people how to do something but you don't want to teach full time. Tutoring can be a great work-from-home job for you if you have a great aptitude for math, or the perfect grasp of grammar, spelling, and language. Or if you can explain things in a way that people understand them easily.  And you have patience. If you possess any of these qualities, you definitely should check out tutoring.

Tutoring offers great online jobs for many people including moms, dads, entrepreneurs, college students, teachers, self-employed persons, and homeschoolers.

There are many reasons why some people have problems with learning in a classroom environment and students of all ages may need some extra help with learning something.

When their child is not doing well in a subject, parents will readily call for a tutor for help. Tutors can zero in on specific skills that a student has trouble with, build concrete skills, and help students with what they need to keep up with schoolwork.

You determine your availability, the people you want to work with, and your hourly rate. You choose the subject you want to teach and the age groups of students you’ll take on. Maybe you relate to teenagers better than to younger children. Or maybe you enjoy helping older people learn something. The choice is yours.

Tutoring is not just a seasonal business based on the school year…  students enrolled in summer school need help, and students looking to get ahead and stay current in their work over the summer often call on the help of a tutor!

Tutors make quite a decent hourly wage. You may want to check to see what tutors are making in your area. Decide how much money you need to make and set about ensuring you have enough students to do that.

Tutoring Jobs with Cambly – While you chat with students, they automatically track the time you tutor. They pay $0.17 USD per minute ($10.20/hour), and you get paid every Monday via Paypal. You make your own hours. Work as little or as much as you want. You can log online whenever you have a free moment and start taking calls within minutes.

13 – Creating and Selling Printables

Turn your creativity into profit and build a successful business with printables and digital downloads.

Creating and selling printables offer a creative and lucrative way to make money from home. The market for digital products is huge and filled with opportunities.

Printables are digital files that users can download, print, and use for various purposes. They encompass a wide range of products, from art prints and planners to educational materials and templates.

One of the significant advantages of selling printables and digital downloads is the potential for passive income. Once you create your products and set up your online store, you can earn money even while you sleep. Customers can purchase and download your products at any time, making it a source of passive income.

Want to learn more about making money with printables?

Check out this free workshop.


As you can see, there are many possibilities to get online jobs and make money working from home or anywhere.

You can start small and build up your business in your spare time at your own pace. Any of these businesses can be operated online with a laptop, give you a flexible schedule and allow you to work anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection.

There are many services you can provide from home. These are just some I'm most familiar with and provide great work from home.

Have a closer look at those you're interested in and are compatible with your skills. And if you think one of them is a good fit for you, get started with your work-from-home venture!

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