Top 20 Power Words to Maximize Conversions

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Here are 20 Irresistible Power Words to Maximize Your Conversions + a Free List of Power Words

Power words are persuasive words that elicit emotions and emotional responses. They compel people to take action.

Good copywriters use power words to trigger an emotional response. Words can hurt, heal and motivate. Think of people who were smiling when you told them, “I really appreciate you.” Or people who have hurt you by saying, “What’s wrong with you? Can’t you do anything right?”

How do you want your audience to feel and react? Do you want your audience to be upset, happy, encouraged, or excited?

You can produce those emotions by using the right words in the right way.

Words are powerful

Do not use your words lightly. Your choice in words affects the way people respond to you. If your words tap into your readers' emotions, you can drive your readers to take action.

For example, your words can get someone to read through your blog post, click through your email and dramatically increase your conversions.

Where to use power words

  • Use power words in your sales pages, landing pages, marketing email messages, advertising, blog posts, signup forms.
  • Use power words in headlines, subheaders, titles, email subject lines, and bullet points, throughout your copy, in opening sentences and paragraphs, transitions, in your calls to action, closing phrases and postscripts.

Get a list of power words. You can get my list of power words at the bottom of this post.

Reference your list of power words when you need a powerful addition to your headline, copy or blog post. power words and phrases that convert.

Here are twenty of the most important words that have proven to attract attention, motivate prospects to buy, and increase sales. Use them in your Website’s headlines and copy.


Use these power words to trigger an emotional response.


Everybody likes free things. Use free offers to attract your audience.

Free trial offer.
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example of using the power word  "you" in copywriting

Use “you” in your writing to speak to the customer and about the customer, not about yourself.

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Using the word “new” indicates that your product or service is the cutting edge in your industry.

Brand new material never before shared in public.


Image representing the power word "discover"

“Discover” implies there is something new and unknown to the customer, something that has supreme benefits and gives them an edge.

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Discover resources that will help you generate more profits.


Customers will respond to something that is incredible. Other words that are similar to amazing include: fabulous, fantastic, incredible, marvelous, miraculous, phenomenal, unbelievable, and wonderful.

Find out how you can start this amazing business today!


Scientist finds breakthrough weight loss formula!
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Get the latest techniques for developing your Web site.


Remind customers that your product, service, or business is tried-and-true.

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satisfaction guarantee

Give customers a guarantee to minimize risk perception so they feel they have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Get 10,000 visitors to your blog in one month … guaranteed!
Guarantee yourself a top ranking on Yahoo.
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money is an important power word

100% money-back guarantee.
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top secret

Not everyone succeeds, and there are secrets to success. Let customers know you can reveal those secrets.

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act now

Motivate an immediate response with a limited-time offer.

If you want to get in on this rare opportunity, you need to act now!


Pick up your phone and call now! Go on… do it right now!


save 50%

“Save” is the most powerful word to showcase monetary savings or even time savings.

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how to

Start off with a solution so customers read the rest of your copy.

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Make it simple for customers to take the next step in the purchasing process and let them know how much easier life will be with your product or service.

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We all have the desire to find the next secret to success.

Your words can make a huge difference in your Internet marketing results. Choose them well and use them well.

Start using power words today. Look at your email marketing, subject lines, headlines, landing pages and sales letter, and add more punch with power words.

Use power words when writing headlines and content for your website. They will attract attention to your website, keep visitors on your site longer, and convert more prospects into buyers.

Create a swipe file of power words and phrases that you can use when you want to trigger emotion in your audience. Words and phrases like “act now”, “bonus”, or “breakthrough” will work to get your audience into the mood you want them in to receive your messages.

Get my list of power words below. Use some of the words in your copy to keep your audience excited and engaged.



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