Legal Transcription

Legal Transcription

What Is Legal Transcription?

Legal transcription is transcription of legal content or other content needed for legal reasons. The finished transcript becomes part of the legal record. Transcribing is listening to a recording and typing what is said on a recording. A transcript turns the spoken words from (audio or video) recordings into a typed document. The transcript is […]

How to Start a Career in Legal Transcription

The wide variety of legal transcription work includes corporate law, family law, real estate law, workers’ compensation claims and defense, collections and foreclosures, personal injury, insurance defense, medical malpractice and criminal law. Legal transcriptionists transcribe legal documents such as court proceedings, court hearings, trial recordings, recorded depositions, testimonies, depositions, pleadings, briefs, interviews, interrogations, statements and […]

How to Become a Law Enforcement Transcriptionist

The demand for law enforcement transcriptionists has increased and continues to increase. Law enforcement agencies, police departments, public defenders, prosecutors, attorneys and security companies need transcription of audio and video that is related to criminal investigations and evidence. The transcription of audios and videos provides documentation and clarity. They have a large amount of caseloads and don’t have enough […]

12 Career Options for Transcriptionists

There are several career paths for transcriptionists. Here are just a few of them. Provide medical transcription. Provide legal transcription. Provide general and business transcription. Provide a combination of the above or all of the above. Work from home for one or more transcription companies as an independent contractor (many people start that way). Work from […]

How to Get Insurance Transcription Work

Insurance transcriptionists transcribe insurance-related information. The transcribed documents then become part of the insurance records. There is a lot of work in insurance transcription and the pay is higher than many other types of general transcription work. Insurance transcription include: A wide variety of recorded statements, dictation, telephone conversations, meetings, interviews, memos and general correspondence. Insurance […]

Legal Reference Materials

Legal transcriptionists must check challenging terms they are not familiar with. They can research terms through specialized online resources and a variety of legal reference books. Reference materials such as a law dictionary and style manual are essential when transcribing legal documents.  Below are popular reference guides for legal transcriptionists and paralegals. Search Legal Terms and Definitions.  This […]

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